I really didn’t think I’d have something worth writing about happen so soon, but Bug made sure I did.

Bug was in her exersaucer, bouncing away. I was steam-cleaning the carpet in her room. Bug rumbled.

Now, this was not a hunger rumble. Nor was its vocal rumble. No. This was an icky rumble. I immediately scooped her up and checked for leakage. This girl always leaks.

I didn’t see any signs of leaks, so I brought her to her changing pad, layed her down, and that’s when the trouble started.

Kick! Kick! Kick! Leak! Leak! Leak! Her outfit was toast, a true test of the powers of Oxyclean. And in the process of getting her clothes off her, well, you get the picture. It was bathtime.

Her dresser is still in the garage, due to her carpet getting cleaned. So I carried my naked 6-month-old down to the garage. I grab the first outfit I find, and Bug decides now would be the perfect time to spit up. She is naked, after all. Luckily she missed her clean outfit (how, I’m still not sure).

Back upstairs, I need to clean the tub. I stick bug in her carseat, its the closest thing I can find. While I’m cleaning the tub, Bug goes after her toes, folds in half, and now has the carseat like a turtle shell. She almost flipped.

So now my naked baby is buckled into her carseat and sitting in the middle of the bathroom.

Baby shampoo has leaked. All over everything. Rinsing that gets suds all over everything.

Finally the tub is clean, we are ready! I pull the drain so the tub will fill. It takes a while, but finally its deep enough for Bug.

But its draining. By the time I get Bug unbuckled and in the water, half of it is gone. So she got bathed with the water running. That’s a first.

Did I mention that through all this, Cat was weaving in and out between my feet? Going upstairs and down, Cat was there. In the tub, out of the tub, Cat was there.

But my little Bug smells so much better now!



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