So Thankful

Last week was simply incredible.

We spent the first couple of days getting things unpacked (still) and cleaning up the house. My brother, and 2 of our best friends, our “adopted” brother and sister, were coming into town, and we were hosting a big shin-dig, which I posted about earlier.

My brother, Tall Guy, arrive Wednesday night. While we were waiting for him to get here, Handsome and Bug and I went out to find our Christmas tree.

This is a very important tree. This is Bug’s first tree, and the first tree in our new house. It needed to be perfect.

Handsome and Bug checking out the prospects. Bug is our little Goldylocks. This one was too short.

imageShe was fascinated by the trees. I love watching her make new discoveries! (This one was too prickly.)

imageThis one was just right! It even fit our new angel!

imageHandsome tied the perfect tree to the roof of the truck. So exciting! And Uncle Tall Guy was almost here, so we headed home.

imageIt’s me and Tall Guy! Reunited!

Tall Guy helped Handsome get the tree in the stand and brought it upstairs. I didn’t get a picture of that… But there will be more pictures of the tree coming. It’s not decorated yet! But it sure smells good!

We decided to host Thanksgiving in our new house. People thought we were crazy, hosting dinner for 10 (including 2 little kids) after only being in this house for a week and a half. And we probably were. But I was determined to pull it off. And we did!

To start the day off right, I made these.

imageThey are called “holycraptheseareamazing” cookies. And they are. Amazing. I’ll share the recipe soon. I made 2 batches, and am not ashamed to admit I ate more than my share.

imageThis was the spread! We had turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, carrots, asparagus, 2 kinds of stuffing, mock turkey loaf, dinner roast, green bean casserole, 2 kinds of gravy, plus the mandatory pickles, olives, and cranberry sauce. We did not make all of it… about half was contributed by our guests. All of it was delicious.

imageWe washed up our thrift-store china, our cloth napkins that we haven’t used since we got them as a wedding gift, and Handsome set the table. He also trimmed some holly from the bushes outside the front door and decorated the table. It looked so nice!! But holly is sharp! (You can see our tree in the background!)

Tall Guy has the pictures of everyone at the table. I didn’t get them from him before he went back home… But it was so much fun. Good food, good friends, and good conversation. I couldn’t have asked for more from our first Thanksgiving here. It was a busy morning, but amazingly I wasn’t stressed. I loved every minute of it. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

imageEven with all the dishes left behind. And what you see here is only half of them. I’m still not done washing everything. (yes, you see a dishwasher. But the first load I ran needed to be washed again, so I’m just hand washing everything until  further notice.)

For our first Thanksgiving as hosts, in our new home, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The week continued with visiting more friends on Friday, games Saturday night, and finally sending off our loved ones Sunday morning. I miss everyone already. I can’t wait to see my brother again at Christmas, and maybe even stopping in to see our “adopted” brother and sister and their little boy.

Time for me to go. Handsome wants to decorate the tree tonight!


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