It has been a long time since I posted last… I’m sorry! Life has a way of just disappearing when I’m not looking… Not so great when raising a kid and I don’t want to miss a minute… POOF! It’s gone!

But here I am. I’m typing one-handed because my little girl wants to be in my lap. I’m also sitting crooked in my chair so she, and her spit, can’t reach the keys. 

Sometimes I think I’m raising an octopus. So many arms! And the slime!!

Speaking of the drool, I’ve heard it called “spun sugar” a lot lately. It’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the drool. It comes with being a mom, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything! (not even a svelte figure, cause I didn’t have that before!) And I was always the friend who said “no problem” when a kid drooled or spit on me.

And I still don’t mind. But it is definitely not “spun sugar.” Especially when it is laden with baby sweet potatoes and spit forcefully over the spoon. Or when I’m holding Bug over my head and one of those sweet drops lands in my mouth. Or when she gets a hold of my water bottle and I don’t know it, then take a swig….

Nope. That ain’t sugar.

But I digress, what was I talking about? Oh! I’m healthy! ish…

The three of us came down with a stuffy/runny nose and a cough about a week and a half ago. Annoying, but not horrible. Bug hasn’t let on that it bothers her at all, until Mommy tries to suck the gunk out of her nose with the snot-sucker. That bothers her.

All was ok, until Wednesday night. 

I don’t really know what to blame. Was it the muffins I took out of the freezer? Or the Whopper that Handsome brought me for dinner? (I would never blame the hershey kisses…) Whatever it was, it rebelled.

I was up 3 times in the night to purge the offending out of my poor stomach. And in the morning, out the other end. 

Have I mentioned I hate, hate, HATE throwing up? I’m the one who has been known to hold my breath, plug my nose, and swallow til I turn blue just to avoid throwing up. But I had no control.

By Friday I was finally able to cough without worry. I could finally walk down the hall without hanging on to the walls. Finally able to carry Bug again.

I lost 7lbs.

Today I finally tackled the 6 loads of laundry that had built up while I was sick. Why do people have to keep wearing clothes when the laundry lady is sick? (Disclaimer: Handsome did wash a load while I was sick because we both had run out of…well, everything.)

But now laundry is on hold because I’ve run out of detergent. Time to make more. 

(Yes, I said “make.” If you want my recipe, leave a comment.)

Oh, and an update on Bug in my lap? Yes, still typing one-handed. But we’ve transitioned to nursing. She desperately wanted the computer, or anything attached to it (she’s not picky.) and nothing I was doing was satisfying her.

Best distraction was to give her a boob. (Works well with husbands too) But I don’t mind. I love nursing.

And now that I have written a post about absolutely nothing, I’m going to go. Time to put on real pants. Handsome will be home soon, and we need groceries.


One thought on “Healthy….ish

  1. Its awesome that you get to nurse her! I enjoy nursing my son a lot! It is a special bonding time and yes a great distraction!

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