I received some coupons in my email to JoAnn’s… I couldn’t say no…


Handsome is wonderful and took me last night to spend money. Look at all that beautiful yarn! I actually DO have projects planned for almost all of it too. Just need to finish up what I’m already working on before I can start!


I think I’m going to need a bigger stash bag… This one is already almost over flowing…

Next on the project list for me is another hat for Bug. I’ve decided to make a kitty cat hat! It’s going to be adorable. And it should be quick to whip up. I’ve already gotten started on it, hopefully it will be finished for the weekend!

After that, I’ve gotten my first order for a hat with hair! That hat is the same kind as Bug is wearing in my previous post, the one with braids. One of my friends from high school ordered it for her little girl. I’m excited! Not only do I get to create something fun for a friend, but I’m getting paid for it!! Guess what that money is going to be spent on…

More yarn!!


It’s been a while…

Hello again! I apologize for my lapse in blogging. Life carried me away! I’m back now, hopefully for good!

To catch you up briefly, Bug is crawling. She has 4 teeth. She is pulling up to standing every chance she gets. She is 10 months old, and I’m afraid she will be walking before she is 1!

Here she is in her too-small carseat (we only use this one in friends’ cars.) with the hat I made her recently. Now she has hair!… even if it is just yarn!


I’ve taught myself how to crochet, and I’m absolutely loving it. Bug’s hat above was my first real project. (scarves are so easy, I don’t think it really counts!) Since finishing that hat, I’ve made another one for our best friends’ little boy, and I just started on one for me. We will see how it turns out.

I even have a little helper with the yarn!


I love this kid so much. She’s growing up so fast! Here are a few pictures just from the past several days.20130304-143649.jpg





And here’s an example of my goofball Bug. She kept pulling at her shirt, so I took it off…mostly. That mark on her cheek is a bruise from cruising along the baby gate and slipping. 😦 It’s all gone now!


And finally, here’s our most recent family picture!


We have some big projects coming up on the house! I’ll be posting more about those soon!