Sewing Machine

I haven’t posted in a while… Sorry!

We have reliable internet now though (thank goodness!) so I hope to post more often! As often as Bug will let me, that is!

Today’s excitement is this… my sewing machine! I found this gem on CraigsList a few months back for $50. I wanted a older machine. The new ones that I have used have just given me headaches and sloppy seams. This one is perfect! The lady I bought it from only used it about 3 times since she bought it in grade school. It’s been in her garage since.


Ignore all the clutter in the background. I’m working on clearing it all up. We still have boxes and things that haven’t been unpacked and put away yet. Hopefully we will be clutter free soon!

Also, the project I have on the table is a quilt that I started before Bug was born… But I was borrowing a sewing machine that didn’t like me. The blocks have been in a drawer since about last March. (Yes, over a year!) I did pull them out a few months ago and hand sewed a few blocks together, but it went so slowly….

Then I learned how to crochet. And that has been my primary crafty pursuit since. I’ve made some great things, have a lovely stash of yarn, and have more projects I’m about to start! But I really want to finish this quilt, since it’s for Bug. Now that I have my own machine, maybe I’ll finish it before her second birthday!

Speaking of birthdays, my little Bug turns ONE on Friday!! I can’t believe she’s a year old already!! It’s been a super year, with lots of firsts. For me and her!

We are having a birthday party here at the house Friday afternoon. Just a few close friends of ours and Bug’s. It should be fun! I think it’s supposed to rain though… so pray for sunshine! Bug will have her first taste of cake and ice cream, a tradition that has been in my family since… well… at least since I was 1! We will take LOTS of pictures, and I’ll post some of the best ones here.

I think that’s all for right now. This momma is hungry! Time to see what we have for lunch.


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