Once Upon A Garden

I would like to introduce you all to our little garden! We opted for a container garden this year, since we weren’t prepared to dig a garden. Next year we hope to do raised beds, but I guess that depends on how this year goes.

So here is a snapshot tour of our garden as it is so far!


Here it is! This isn’t all we have planned, but this is as far as we’ve gotten for now. We got our bins and our soil at Ollie’s, a discount wonder world here in Chattanooga. Our plants came from Walmart. Discount gardening at it’s best!


(I took this pic this morning) Here are our Boston Pickling Cucumbers and zucchini.


Here are two of our tomato plants, with their pals, Marigolds! We also have two jalapeno plants that are being temporarily housed here until we get another bin. Alcott the cat decided that they would be a good snack, so they needed a little TLC.

We are growing three kinds of tomatoes. A yellow cherry, romas, and a yellow and red tomato called “Mr. Stripey.”


A close-up of a fast friendship!


We had the window boxes already, and they were perfect for our herbs. This one smells AMAZING.


Handsome wanted this one. I didn’t complain!


The cilantro is a pair with the roma tomatoes. Handsome has visions of salsa in our future!


This one is for me! Another one that smells just wonderful. I’m not sure what I will do/make with it yet, but I’m looking forward to figuring that out!


My watering can. I love that I have a watering can!


Ahh, yes. This is what summer should be about.

We still have more we want to do. I really want to grow potatoes. We bought a potato bag, but Walmart was out of red seed potatoes. We will be going back though!

We are also planning to grow garlic. We have a second window box that will be dedicated to garlic.

We love garlic…

I’ll keep you updated as we add more to our little back porch garden. Now I just need to be patient while everything grows!


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