Flats and Handwashing – Day One!

Today was the first full day of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge! We survived!

Dirty Diaper Laundry has given writing prompts for those of us who are blogging about the challenge. Today’s prompt is “Why did you decide to do this challenge?” Well, I’ll tell you!

We have cloth diapered Bug for probably 9 out of her 12 months. A friend of mine turned me on to cloth when she began using them for her son. I was impressed with how easy they were to use, how totally adorable a “fluffy butt” was, and how economical they were.

When my Bug was born, I registered for a LOT of diapers, a little bit of everything. We were given some of them, but not much. But we made do. When Bug was about 4 months old, I decided I needed more to be able to keep her in cloth, but not spend every day doing laundry.

However, we are not rich. In fact, compared to a majority of society, we would be considered low-income. So instead of buying the expensive pocket diapers or all-in-ones, I found a bundle that gave me the most bang for my buck, while still looking cute. I ended up with 6 new covers and 24 flats. And I fell in love.

The laundry load shrank down considerably. I could still use the pocket diapers when we went out, or when Daddy was on duty. (Though Handsome has been super with his willingness to learn how to use all of our diapers, including flats.)

However I wasn’t really aware of the awesomeness that is flats. Then I started looking around at different diaper blogs. And I stumbled across this challenge! I figured, hey! That looks like it would be easy, since we use flats all the time anyways! And what’s a little extra work to wash them? Plus, I needed an excuse to ask Handsome to set up a clothesline!

Then I started reading more about flats, different kinds of flats, different folds, and I got really excited. I knew I could do this!

So, the short answer to “Why did I decide to do the challenge” would be because it sounded fun!

Here’s a little insight into our first day of the challenge.

I didn’t get a pic of our first change of the day, but here is the second. This is a receiving blanket, folded into what is called the Kite Fold. I was really happy with how it fit Bug and how it fit inside a cover. It also lasted longer than one of my regular flats, since it’s bigger and more absorbent. Plus, it’s super cute!


After the blanket diaper, we tried out our new flour sack towels. These are bigger than the flats I usually use, but a similar material. Plus, they are super cheap! 4 for $4! Bug made this change a bit difficult by wanting to sit directly in the middle of whatever I was trying to fold. I even thought I could distract her by letting her have this one and folding up another one… but she figured me out and crawled right into the middle of the second diaper! I finally got it folded up into a “Jo” fold and got it on her. It worked pretty well!

Bug was playing with the wipes package all day, so when I heard it crinkling, I didn’t think anything of it. Then I looked. She had gotten the package open and was very happily pulling wipe after wipe out of the package! Ack!! I scooped up most of them and saved them in a ziplock for later…

I finally got the wash done after Handsome got home from work. I started the wash about 2 hours earlier, but Bug just wouldn’t let me finish. Since Handsome will be out of town for most of the challenge, I’ll probably end up washing after Bug goes to bed for the night and hanging on the rack over the air vent.

Here’s my stash for the week! It consists of oSoCozy flats, flour sack towels, and receiving blankets. Plus covers from EconoBum, Palm Tree, and Imagine. I’ll post more about my stash tomorrow.

The diaper for tonight is an experiment! That is an origami folded blanket, with a pad folded flat as a doubler. It took both me and Handsome to get this on Bug. She was overtired, and kept planting her feet and pushing herself off the diaper. I’ll try a fancy fold again tomorrow, but if she still fights me I may just stick to two flats pad folded together. It’s quick to get on, and I know it works.

Here’s Bug with her nighttime diaper on. I rolled the legs in after I got it on her and covered it with an EconoBum cover. The cover was having a hard time covering the whole thing. I may try an Imagine cover next time, since they have an extra gusset around the legs, they may cover better.

That was our day in a nutshell! Tomorrow we start again! Now I’m going to go cuddle my hubby and watch Dancing With The Stars. Goodnight!


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