Flats Day Two – The Stash

Bug is napping, so I’ll take this opportunity to tally up my supplies and accessories that I’ll be using this week.

I posted earlier about putting my bucket washer together. Here are the stats:

Bucket and cover: Lowes – $2.78, $1.28
Plunger: Ace Hardware – $4.00 (can’t find the actual price, but this was close. I looked everywhere for a cheaper one!)
Total: ~$8.06

For the diapers:
Kelly’s Closet – 3 Palm Tree Cover, 1 Dozen Osocozy Flats, 1 Snappi  – $54.82 (x2)
Target Flour Sack Towels 4-pack – $3.98 (x2)
Receiving blankets – gifts at our baby shower
EconoBum covers – 4 gifted, one borrowed.
Green Bees cover – $5
Total: $122.60

Grand Total: About $130.

I also use Charlie’s Soap, which cost about $13 at a whole foods store. But that breaks down to $0.13 a load… even less when handwashing!

And Bug is still sleeping! Going on an hour and a half, WOOT! Let’s see what else this Momma can get done before she wakes up! I’ll try to post again tonight about how our day went.

Note: I should add that I had most of this before the challenge. All I bought for the challenge was the bucket, plunger, and the flour sack towels. So $12!


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