The End of Another Day

Today is over. It was a day. My heart is breaking for those in Oklahoma. Especially the families of those children.

I hugged my baby tight today. And I hugged my husband tight.

Aside from the heartbreak, today wasn’t bad. Our second day of the challenge was a success. I just finished today’s handwashing load and I have come to a conclusion:

I need gloves.

Working the plunger and wringing out the diapers is starting to tear up my hands.

Also, I have determined my daughter is a ticking time bomb. She hasn’t pooped since before the challenge. Every diaper I change I’m afraid is going to be it. It’s only a matter of time…

But Handsome and I decided to test fate, and we took Bug out. We went to Dairy Queen and Barnes and Noble. No poo! But we did find some fun toys!

20130521-231905.jpgIt’s Clifford!

20130521-231844.jpgI love those chubby legs!! Playing at the train table.

This one is my favorite… We found Star Wars toys! She LOVED the Millenium Falcon! But I think she may be secretly on the Dark Side…hiding that storm trooper behind Daddy’s back!

But it’s bed time now. Hubby heads out on a business trip tomorrow. We will miss him, but he will be back soon. He will miss out on most of the challenge, but he doesn’t seem too upset about that… I don’t know why….


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