Day 3, a little late…

I’m a little late with my Day 3 post for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge. Handsome left for his business trip yesterday, so it was busy and kinda sad for me. But I’m here now!

Day 3 was Open Topic day. So here goes!

Bug had no idea her Daddy was leaving, which is probably good. If she was melting down that he was leaving, I would have just lost it, more than I already did. I really don’t like when he’s away. But we are making it work.

Bug LOVES sharing food… I could hardly eat my Taco Bell because she kept crawling into my lap, practically into the bowl!


And here is the diaper bit for the day. I have found a treasure. They top most necessary piece of equipment for the challenge. These gloves.


They cost less than $3 at WalMart, they are pretty, and they are saving my hands! I still need 2 days of handwashing blisters to go away, but these babies should help!

Speaking of babies, mine has 3 teeth coming in, has a low fever, is constipated, and just woke up from her very short nap in tears. That’s my cue.


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