She’s Learning. I’m Learning.

A friend recently started a blog and shared it on Facebook. Reading her posts has made me want to write again. (Friend, if you figure out this is you, THANK YOU for the inspiration!) I used to blog daily years ago. I really miss it. I’ve blogged in spurts lately, but I’d like to try to be more regular about it. So here goes.

My Bug is smart. I don’t remember other 1-year-olds doing what she’s doing. The other day she was playing with an empty paper towel tube. I showed her once that she could slide her hairbrush inside it and it would pop out the other end. Once. She then spent the next 15 minutes doing it herself over and over.

Yesterday she was playing with her shapes ball. (Remember those? Shapes pop into the holes, and the ball pulls apart to get them out again?) I had dumped all the shapes out for her to play with, and she picked up the circle and stuck it in the right hole! No help! She did the rest with varying degrees of help. And then she wanted them out again. 

Smart cookie!

Last night Handsome and I bought her first shoes. She is so close to walking, it was time. We bought Skidders, a soft-soled shoe made for new walkers. They are awesome!! Highly recommended. Anyways, this morning she saw them on the floor, sat next to them and tried to put them on her feet!

I’m probably biased. But I think she is just super smart. I could go on and on (like how she waves and claps and blows kisses and says “Cat cat” when our cat walks by…)

But while she’s learning, so am I. 

Now, I grew up around kids. My youngest sibling was born when I was 17. I LOVE babies and kids. But I’ve never been a Mommy until now. I have to admit, before Bug came along, I thought I had parenting all figured out. I said “I’ll never let my kid do that.” and “My kid will never scream in public.” and “Bedtime will be easy!”

Yeah, Bug has taught me that kids don’t like to follow Mommy’s plans very well. My kid HAS done that. She has yelled and banged things on the table in restaurants. And bedtime? It’s getting easier. But it definitely hasn’t been easy the whole time. 

But she has also taught me that you never really know what love means until you have a child. I love her Daddy to the moon and back. But the love I feel for Bug is different. Handsome doesn’t need me to protect him, though I would in a heartbeat, no matter what. But Bug is completely defenseless. I’ve turned into Mama Bear when it comes to her. 

And then she learned how to hug me back and give kisses and RETURN my love. 

Some days I think my heart might explode. 

Even as I type I have to pause because she stands up between me and the computer to give me kisses.

Some other things Bug has taught me:

That it’s ok when she pulls every toy out of her toy bag, and then plays with a paper towel tube. She’s learning how to entertain herself.

It’s ok for her to eat stale cheerios off the floor. She won’t die.

That no matter how slobbery or full of food her mouth is, her kisses can’t be beat.

That it’s fun to make strangers smile (which Bug does every time we go out) even without saying a word.

Poop is gross. But it’s ok!

I’m sure there’s more, but I’m distracted by the cutie who keeps bouncing up between my arms as I try to type. 

The point is, I hope Bug never stops learning. And I hope I never do either.