A little bragging…

This morning I would like to take a minute to brag. Yes, I know bragging is not supposed to be a good thing, but in this case, I think you will forgive me.

Today I want to brag about my husband.

This man has put up with a lot from me, especially recently. These pregnancy hormones have been killer. But besides that, I have not always been the grown up that I pretend to be today. In the early days of our marriage, I acted like a spoiled brat quite often. But Handsome is long-suffering. And we have both pulled through some really rotten times to come out on top now almost 5 years later.

Five years. We’ve been married for 5 years!! That means we’ve been together for 9 years. Almost a decade with the same man, and all I can think now is, “I can’t wait to spend the next decade with this same, incredible man.”

During this almost-decade, this handsome fellow I’m happily married to has accomplished a lot. He has graduated college, gotten a full-time job while still in college that is in a field he feels passionate about, and he still has that job. He has travelled all around the world, seen countries and people I can only daydream about. He helps to bring the message of Jesus’ love to people who may not hear it otherwise. He works hard, going above and beyond frequently, to make sure the work is done. He takes pride in his work, and rightly so.

Besides work, he is a fantastic husband and father. He works to provide for us as a family so I can be home with Bug and Baby. He loves his girl so much, I can see it in his eyes every time he talks about her or spends time with her. I can see his heart swell when she says “love you” in her little voice before he leaves for work or before she goes to bed. He makes sure to read her bedtime stories and tuck her in every night he is able to. When she does something new or comes out with a new word, he puffs up with pride. He is a champion Daddy.

And as a husband, I couldn’t ask for better. He may be in for a wild, hormonal ride right now, but he has kept up admirably. He listens, he guides, he cooks. He makes sure to kiss me every morning when he leaves for work and every evening when he gets home. He has worked with me to make our marriage a priority, even after having Bug, and even with the demands of work. I can depend on him, no matter what.

And the best thing about my husband?

He’s mine.

He’s not perfect, he doesn’t always have the answers, he does get frustrated with me, he is sometimes frustrating to me.

But he’s mine. And I love him to bits.


Good morning, beautiful.

It’s morning already. As tired as I was last night, I didn’t go to sleep until almost midnight. Why? Because the dark rabbit hole that is facebook sucked me in and wouldn’t let go. I’m sure I’ll be paying for it today.

Meanwhile, my daughter is starting to wake up. She begins her day with crib yoga. It’s a real thing, in baby worlds. Name that pose:

While she does her wake up thing, I’m sitting on the floor in my living room, typing this, and sipping on this beautiful beverage. Ahh, coffee. The drink that barely keeps me from being a Mombie all day long. The drink that puts a smile on my face and a song in my heart (javajavajava). The drink that Bug like’s to “sip,” once the mug isn’t too hot, of course.

That’s another adventure. Bug’s vocabulary. She will be 2 in May. (When did that happen??? and how do I make it stop???) And over the past 3 months or so her vocabulary has exploded. This kid is a genius, I’m sure of it. I know, most parents say that about their kids… And I could be wrong, but she seems extra smart to me.

Bug loves loves LOVES to read. Books are her drug (like her Momma) and she just can’t get enough. We read before bed, before nap, before lunch… She takes a book with her to every diaper change and reads it to me. She grabs a book and curls up around my ever-growing belly to read to Baby. Books are her world. And she can now say “book” and “read” and does so with great force if I don’t comply the first time.

We’ve been teaching her the names of her body parts, like arm, leg, nose, bum (yes, bum) and she’s taught herself some of them too. She started saying “mouth” and “chin” all on her own. And speaking of mouths, when this child wants to eat, she lets you know. Loudly. Usually, the first words out of her mouth in the morning are “Hi!” and “Eat!” We must eat before we do anything else.

And the attitude! I can’t even put that into type… It’s hard to type that kind of inflection that she uses. It just amazes me what she picks up just being around me and Handsome. Remember those old recording toys we had as kids, the YackBack? Yeah, Bug is a YackBack. I’ve had to consciously remember to NOT say the words I want to when I discover one of the cats had torn into a brand new loaf of bread and strewn crumbs all over the kitchen floor, or knocked over a house plant, or pooped in the bathtub (again). She has not repeated THOSE words yet… but I’m sure the day is coming when I’ll slip up and yell out a “Stupid cat!” and I’ll hear her little voice from the other room copying me. I think I will cry on that day.

I hear my name. Yep, Bug is calling for Mommy. Time to go get my snuggles and kisses and warm just-woke-up toddler hugs. The best part of my day.

Aaaaaand We’re Back!

If anyone reads this, I’m back. I have been anything but a regular blogger for several years, even though I have buckets of good intentions. But the time has come. The time is now. This is the future. Insert any other motivational slogan here.

This blog is titled “This New House” for a reason. I started it when Handsome and I purchased our house. It was our “new” house. But the house itself is anything but. It was built in the 1970s, and previous owners maintained it, but not correctly. More on that later. We bought the house fully intending to fix it up, update it, and eventually resell it. It was a foreclosure. We had looked at several foreclosures because that was our price range. This was the best one. It looked wonderful, besides being out-dated. 

Long story short, we’ve been making little improvements here and there as we’ve been able to. This most recent tax return was slated towards home improvements before we had even filed our taxes. We didn’t know yet how much we would be able to do, but we were going to do something. Tearing up the old carpet and putting down hardwood floors was one of our top priorities. We are also in the process of renovating the master bathroom and starting on the main bathroom gradually. 

Currently the master bathroom has no sink or vanity. Just open pipes (one of which is dripping slowly into a wastebasket) and old wallpaper. This particular bathroom had a new shower installed right before we bought the house. It was done poorly (read:TERRIBLY) and is unusable currently. The main purpose of this bathroom in it’s current state is an extra toilet (read: Mommy’s chance to pee all alone once Daddy gets home). 

The vanity that was originally in the master bathroom has been moved to the hall bathroom, where it replaced a built-in vanity. The old built-in has been relocated to Handsome’s garage/workshop as a work bench. This bathroom is in full working order (when the drains aren’t backed up due to previous owners “repair” work on a broken pipe) and is good to just sit tight for now.

We purchased a new pedestal sink for the master bathroom, which leaves much more space in that water closet (emphasis on “closet”). That will be installed eventually. We also have tile to lay on the floor, once we fix the issues caused by the improper installation of the shower. Another story for another time.

The biggest purchase has been the hardwood flooring. We found some beautiful cherry at a salvage center. It’s not high grade flooring, but we feel that will just add character. And any pieces that aren’t up to par will be turned into building blocks for Bug or other such projects. 

I have been itching to get the wall-to-wall carpet up since we moved in. Yes, it is soft and squishy in the living/dining areas, but the halls and bedrooms have been trod on so much that the carpet is disgusting and has no padding left. It’s starting to come up at the doorways. And then there’s the fact that having wall-to-wall carpet with children and pets is just not a good idea. We’ve already had several drink spills and cat accidents, and now we are heading into potty training. I would rather clean up a pee puddle on hardwood floors than try to soak it up out of a carpet. Ick. 

We bought the flooring today. Handsome is unloading it as I type. Here’s why I need to write. We’ve discovered a few…. issues. And I need an outlet for my frustration, disappointment, snark and overall helplessness.

We knew we had some issues under the carpet in a corner of the dining room. There has been evidence of water damage. But we were not prepared for what we found.

I told Handsome to stack the flooring in the dining room. We made room, it will be able to acclimate so when we are able to lay it, we won’t have to wait for that. Great plan! Hey, while it’s acclimating, why don’t you pull up that carpet in the corner and just take care of that little issue, then we can move on! 

Except the plywood under the carpet in that corner is crumbling like crackers in a two-year-old’s fist. And then there’s the light coming in from outside. And the rotten sheetrock. And outside there’s the rotten siding. Apparently the gutter had been unattached for who knows how long, and water had just been pouring down the siding, puddling where it found room to puddle, and eating away at my house. So now we have a big issue to deal with before we can lay the flooring. 

I’m not ashamed to admit, I cried. Not for long, and not hard. It was a frustrated cry, a disappointed cry, a hormonal cry.

Did I mention I’m pregnant? No? oh… Surprise!!

So here I am. Writing this, eating a bowl of chocolate chips (pregnant, remember? Don’t judge me) and watching my beast of a husband carry in 2 pallets worth of cherry hardwood flooring. Bug is now awake from her nap, which she got late because we were out buying flooring. I’m waiting as long as I can to go get her up so she won’t be in Handsome’s way, but she’s starting to call “Daddy!” I don’t think I can wait much longer. 

So stick around. Join me on this journey of making this house better, one baby step at a time. Well, I guess you can join me as I watch Handsome make the house better… since I’m pregnant… and can’t lift much… or do much else besides Toddler Control.